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Haitian Easter Traditions & a Chocolate Truffles Recipe

Today’s article may seem a bit out of place. Yet, I guarantee you that it does belong on this food blog. It speaks of both our culture and culinary traditions. So I kindly ask that you bear with me, read it all and leave me a few comments below. In recent years, we have lost our bearings, which leads to what I consider an alarming identity…

Tasso Den/Turkey Tasso (Fried Turkey)

Tasso Den/Turkey Tasso (Fried Turkey) Serving Size:6Time:1 hourDifficulty:Average Ingredients Substances to scrub turkey:2lbs lower up turkey (drumsticks and wings)1 tablespoons of salt1/2 cup vinegar1 lime lower in half (reserve juice of ½, don't discard lime halves).Substances to Marinate and cook dinner:Cleaned turkeyLime juice

Jerk Rooster Rasta Pasta – Love for Haitian Meals

Clear Rooster breast by eradicating any seen fats and rinsing with vinegar. Rinse hen beneath chilly water, drain then marinate it by including ep

Fast and straightforward Caribbean-style mango carpaccio

To arrange my mango carpaccio, I sliced my semi-ripe mango as thinly as I probably may, and layered it on a plate that I set within the fridge to chill for an excellent hour earlier than increase the flavors.

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